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Linda Thorley - Owner

Throughout my life I have had the pleasure to provide a home for a wide variety of animals such as budgies, hamsters, guinea pigs, lots of dogs, horses and ponies. From a very early age I naturally developed a deep love and respect for all animals and their wellbeing.  As a child I became acutely aware of animal welfare issues, and have been fortunate enough to be able to volunteer for a number of charities, both national and local.  I have actively fundraised for the RSPCA, held the position of Equine Welfare Officer for Redwings Horse Sanctuary for 15 years, and have been involved in regular vet runs and small animal handling for local animal charities. I am currently spending some of my time as a volunteer at Woodlands Animal Sanctuary in Holmeswood looking after a variety of small animals.

My greatest interest is animal behaviour, Monty Roberts and Kelly Marks are my guides when it comes to Equine Behaviour. I have trained with Kelly on the Intelligent Horsemanship Foundation Course and Horse Psychology Course, and have had the privilege to watch and meet Monty whilst helping the IH team behind the scenes at a number of his demonstrations at Myerscough College.  I am currently studying Canine Behaviour at Intermediate Level with the College of Canine Studies.

I have provided a home for many abandonded dogs, including two gorgeous black Labradors, Harvey and Jasper. They were with me for 15 years and taught me a great deal about canine behaviour. I still miss them. I have also rehomed a number of ponies and horses, two of these were Welsh Mountain ponies, Nelson and Beadle, they came as a pair and were 'quirky' to say the least! Currently I share my life with two gorgeous ponies, Teacher the HighlandX, and Jack the Welsh/DartmoorX.  Time spent with them is the best part of my day, they are my passion. Both had their behavioural issues when I first met them. They are now secure, calm and responsive ponies, their development being significantly influenced by the knowledge and experience I gained from training with Kelly and Monty using 'intelligent' horsemanship techniques.  The philosophy behind horsemanship can be transferred to dogs and most other animals, providing we are willing to learn thier language!

Career wise I have explored a number of paths; secretarial, youth trainer, Business Studies Teacher, and then a life skills trainer for a national Educational Charity.  My most recent career move took me into the legal sector here in Southport, where I became a Team Leader at a local solicitors.

Still, I just wanted to be around animals on a daily basis, so that is why I am very excited to now have the privilege to be a partner in my own business caring for animals in thier own home environment.  I can now honestly say I have found my true 'fit' in life.

It has been proved that all animals feel more secure being cared for in thier own environment, following their daily routine by someone who relates to them and has thier best interests in complete focus.

Furry Minders have your pets happiness and security as top priority. It is our goal to ensure that all our 'clients' have a fun, secure and safe time and are cleaned and fed accordingly.

Ann Dickinson - Owner

Hi, I'm Ann, the other half of Furry Minders.  In my lifetime I have also had the privilege to provide a loving home for a vast array of animals, from mice, rabbits, and guinea pigs to dogs and horses. I have had the honour and pleasure to be trusted to look after many friends pets over the years, such as ducks, chickens, goats and their horses and dogs.

I too have been able to be actively involved in fundraising for a number of animal charities, including the RSPCA, and I am a volunteer at the Riding for The Disabled in Crosby.  Also I sponsor 2 dogs for The Dogs Trust, Snoz and Lexi, whose progress I get updated with quarterly.

In the past I and my horses have been involved in the local and regional Arab in Hand show curcuit, showjumping, XCountry, Dressage, Western Riding and Endurance.  We have enjoyed all aspects of ridden activities. That was in mine and their youth!!!!!

My working career has mainly focused on the Care Industry, providing care for elderly and unwell people in the community. In this field I achieved the position of Senior Care Assistant.  Currently I work part-time as a cook and housekeeper for a local businessman.

Following the practices of natural horsemanship and dogmanship has come very naturally to me, and I am keen to encourage others to follow this route in their daily encounters with animals.  It is up to us as human beings to make the effort to learn how to communicate with all our animal friends using their own language.

Currently I am providing a loving home for 3 dogs (Skye the Labrador, Benny the XBreed and Blue the StaffieX), 2 budgies, and 3.5 ponies (Linda and I share one pony!), Fido the ArabX Palamino, Leo and Freddie two Section A ponies and Charlie our latest rescue, breeding unknown!  I am very happy that my days are filled with my animals, and I too am very excited to be part of Furry Minders putting my knowledge and experience to good use providing a highly professional pet care service for people and animals in Southport.

Furry Minders guarantee to provide a professional, reliable and trustworthy service within the Southport area, and I am proud to be part of this exciting new venture.  I look forward to meeting all our future clients, both human and animal.